Our Visit to Beaulieu Roman Catholic School

Grenadians Give To Students

Jan 16th, 2016

vist to Beaulieu R.C.

Visit to Beaulieu R. C.

The latest manifestations of this are two Grenadians, Joseph Grainger and Adrian Penny. Earlier this week they distributed school supplies to needy students just in time for the opening of the new school year.

Mr. Joseph Grainger was born in Grenada and attended the Beaulieu RC School and Presentation Brothers’ College. He migrated to the United States as a teenager at the point of leaving school where he joined the military and graduated. He is currently retired from the military, is serving the military community and a Realtor. Mr. Adrian Penny attended the former Palmer school and the Grenada Boys’ Secondary School, following which he travelled to the US. On returning to Grenada he managed the Call Centre in South St. George for a while. He now runs a Company called “Just For Penny” offering services particularly in the areas of US Visa Services, Real Estate Services and General Consultancy.

Last Sunday Grainger and Penny distributed exercise and note books as well as some clothing to needy students in their community of Westerhall. The distribution took place at their home on Stone Street where hundreds of children benefitted. On Monday morning the men journeyed to the Beaulieu RC School where they made similar donations of notebooks, exercise books and pencils. They also took the opportunity to hold wide-ranging discussions with the principal Rose Charles and computer instructor Rondel Allard.

Ms. Charles took them to the computer room and told them that the school, like most other schools throughout the country, is putting great effort into achieving its goals. Mr. Allard explained to the men that much assistance is needed in upgrading their computer systems but he is managing thus far despite the limitations, and the students are enjoying the programmes. The two donors gave some pertinent advice particularly along the lines of upgraded technology, and they promised to assist wherever they could.

In private conversations the men mentioned a number of personal initiatives that they are prepared to undertake. Their main undertaking, he pointed out, is connecting with veterans in the Diaspora into a grouping that might be known as a veterans’ association. Grainger disclosed that he is aware of many Grenadian veterans in the Diaspora, particularly in the US who are willing and anxious to give back to their country and all they want is the assurance that their donations would reach the desired destination. In that regard, Grainger said, a reliable contact person is needed locally to coordinate the project, and he stated that the local media should assist in an awareness programme to bring veterans in Grenada together. Since the death of Sgt. and Deacon Claude Bartholomew, who was the president of the Grenada Veterans’ Association, activities in this regard, have been dormant. There is a monument at the entrance to the ministerial complex in Tanteen with the inscription of Grenadian veterans. Grainger and Penny are also considering further assistance to their alma maters generally and needy individuals.