Our Visit to Presentation Brothers College (PBC)

The GVOFS made a first donation in September to the children in Stone Street in

Jun 16th, 2016

Visit to PBC

Visit to PBC

The GVOFS made a first donation in September to the children in Stone Street in Westerhall where one of them lives, as well as to the Beaulieu RC School – their alma mater. At that time a promise was made that they would be giving financial assistance to a needy secondary school Form 1 student of $500 annually for the five-year period to assist with basic school supplies or meals or transportation.

Presentation Brothers College (PBC) had already been identified as one such school and there was room for a second. The SDCSS was suggested as the other, which was accepted. The secondary schools would also receive necessary supplies but it seems that the primary schools would be given priority in that regard. Last Saturday a second set of give-away was made at Stone Street.

Joe is currently at the end of a short visit where he was hoping to meet with the Minister of Education in order to explain the activities of the GVOFS and to distribute some goods. However, his meeting with the Minister never materialized after a run-around, following a similar experience with the Grenadian Embassy in Washington DC.

The passion for this initiative arose after observing the plight of Grenadian children some years ago. On one of their visits they experienced the sad fact that many go to school bare feet and some have nothing for a decent meal. A committee is being formulated to work under the same umbrella with Adrian as the face-on-the-ground in Grenada. It is hoped that very soon the project will cover the entire nation such that all children at risk would benefit.

Joe still operates his personal business out of the US but Adrian recently returned and has his offices in town. Despite this, they still can find the time to assist those at risk. The men are quick, dynamic, proactive and disciplined and their operational philosophy is that once their realistic goals are set there is nothing called obstacles. All who have served in the military overseas and are back home are free to contact GVOFS if they think they can serve. The group is non-political, non-partisan, non-profit, voluntary, and absolutely no financial liability to the state.